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PS5 is starting to look like the revolution it deserves

PS5 is starting to look like the revolution it deserves


But by 2020, when the X series and PlayStation 5 arrive to mark the arrival of a new generation, these expectations have changed a bit. PS5 may have released a dozen games, but almost all outstanding products come from Spider-Man: Miles Morales to Assassin’s Creed: ValhallaCan be played on PlayStation 4 or other platforms. On the surface, this may be disappointing. However, please consider that the best PS5 games are not exclusive. They have display cabinets there.

People can swing on Manhattan Online as Miles Morales on PS4, but they can’t Quickly traverse the city in just a few seconds Unless they are used on PS5, it has a solid state drive that kills the load. They can enjoy the scenery on PS4, but when they pass by, they cannot see the reflection of Miles in the buildings and puddles. Ray tracing effect PS5 is enabled. “When you see the real reflection in video games, it is a very spectacular moment for players,” said Ted Price, founder and CEO of Ted Price Spiderman Developer Insomniac Games.

In addition to improving visual intensity and intensity, these early publications have also become a barometer through which Sony Interactive can evaluate how developers can take advantage of the new features brought by PS5-not only ray tracing or SSD, but also 3D audio functions or Powerful touch. The DualSense controller and its “adaptive trigger” function can provide variable pressure.Just because of a machine were able Doing something does not mean that the developer will take advantage of it immediately or completely. However, last summer, in the console display event, Sony showed two upcoming PS5 games, six of which have ray tracing capabilities. “It’s amazing,” Cerny said. “I think ray tracing is something used in the second and third generation products. I think maybe an early title might show some potential, and this will be one of those things you want to know, Because someone was involved in the creation of the hardware, Considering the relative cost of silicon, is it worth the investment? It is amazing to be able to answer this question during the first public appearance. “

Surprisingly, certain console technology never became popular, either because it was unintuitive (Cerny cites the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen) or because it took some time to learn the complexity of the new machine. Whenever a new game console appears, Cerny will travel the world again when it is released, talking to the studio about its functions. He has heard all the sounds, including literal boos, just like he told a few years ago. An unnamed developer is the same as the upcoming PS4. may Use some flash memory to help cache data. (The boo works; Sony abandoned this architectural choice.)

Of course, Cerny’s latest developer tour is actually ongoing, but he was surprised by his discovery. He said: “Conversations may cause a lot of controversy.” “I actively seek out people with strong opinions and clearly articulate all the problems they encounter with hardware so that we can be busy thinking about how to solve these problems in the future.” PS3 The architecture makes the graphics processing flow difficult. PS4’s CPU is not as powerful as people hope. Cerny said that PS5 hardly noticed any retreat.

Six months now After its launch, PS5 games have entered a new stage: games that use console functions to promote game development forward.first of all ReturnIt is the exclusive game console of Housemarque and the studio that creates outstanding performance of PS4 Resogon.Creepy rogue shooter Received rave reviews With its subversive narrative skills and atmospheric gameplay, it brings the PS5’s 3D audio and tactile games into an unprecedented gaming experience. When the player passes through an overgrown biome on a hostile alien planet, the raindrops somehow feel like they are passing through the controller itself. Pointing the weapon at the attacking creature is a two-part process: your trigger stops midway to use the usual side arms, and pressing further can disarm the secondary function of the weapon. (Astronomy Game Room, It is a cute platform game of the first party Japan Studios pre-installed on PS5. It also shows the touch of DualSense, but it can be used not only as a technical demonstration of the game, but also as a technical demonstration. )


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