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Humans need to create money between species to save the planet

Humans need to create money between species to save the planet


Biggest failure How far is the digital age from nature? The microchip has no circadian rhythm and no computer breathing. The network is intangible. This may indicate a life-threatening situation. I believe we have to make a decision: succumb to devoting more brain time and energy to unnatural online structures, or rebuilding digitization in a way rooted in nature.

Nature is excessive and baroque. Its song is not ours alone. We share this planet with 8 million non-human species, but we hardly thought of how they would spread around the world. Wild animals, trees or other species cannot identify themselves to us online, nor can they express their preferences to us. The only value that most of them have is the sum of their processed body parts. Those foods that were not eaten are forgotten, or perhaps never remembered: only 2 million are scientifically recorded.

This decade will be the most destructive year for non-human life in recorded history. It may also be the most renewable. Non-human life forms may soon gain some influence in the world.I propose to invent a Interspecies money. I’m not talking about Dogecoin, it’s a Shiba Inu dog meme, which has become a $64 billion cryptocurrency (as of today). I’m talking about a digital currency that can allow other people to hold hundreds of billions of dollars just because you are not other people and living in the world. They may be able to spend and invest in this digital currency to improve their lives. Because the services they require-identification, safety, room for growth, nutrition, and even veterinary care-will usually be provided by poor communities in the tropics, so human lives will also be improved.

Money needs to cross the species gap. Wow, I know. King Julian Use a credit card. The meaning of taking grenades into life. Bear with me. If money is a form of memory, as suggested by some economic theorists, then it is clear that non-human species are invisible to the market economy because they have never distributed any money. In order to protect the survival of certain species, under certain circumstances (usually in direct competition with humans) it is necessary to grant them economic benefits. Orchid, baobab, dugong, orangutan, even at some point in the future, traces of mycelial network-all of these should make money.

We have the technology to start building Interspecies Money immediately. Indeed, in my opinion, sometimes life systems (Gaia or other countries) are actually providing the tools needed to protect complex lives at the moment when they are most needed: fintech solutions for mobile money, digital wallets and cryptocurrencies. Shows that it is possible to process small payments accurately and cheaply; Cloud computing companies that have proven that large amounts of data can even store and process data in countries/regions that claim data sovereignty; Hardware, it becomes smarter and cheaper. Single board computers (Raspberry Pis), camera traps, microphones and other cheap sensors, solar arrays and energy solutions in batteries, Internet connectivity, flying and ground robots, low-orbit satellite systems, and the popularity of smartphones have made it possible to build smartphones may. Market-recognized field verification system.

The first requirement of Interspecies Money is to provide the digital identity of a single animal or herd or type (depending on size, population dynamics and other characteristics of the organism). This can be done in many ways. Birds can be identified by sound, insects can be identified by genetics, and trees can be identified by probability. For most wild animals, this is done by sight. Some situations may be observed continuously, while others may be just glimpses.For example, rare digital identities Hirola There are currently only 500 antelopes in Kenya and Somalia, which will be cast from images collected by community rangers on cell phones, camera traps and drones. This identity acts as a digital twin, in a legal and practical sense, it holds money and releases it according to the services required by the form of life.


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