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Creators who joined Twitch’s popular plan to stay

Creators who joined Twitch’s popular plan to stay


Tyson, Miranda and Dylan add more interactive elements to their Twitch stream, and their audience will be able to direct the visual elements of the performance through chat comments. Think of it as an interactive music video. Regardless of the pandemic, the band members are “going all out” on Twitch. They now have ambitions to expand the channel, and may eventually come up with ideas or collaborate with Netflix or Adult Swim. Tyson said: “I think, in addition to our obligations before the pandemic, the only way we can return to live performance is if the demand is justified.”

But the actor, podcaster and comedian Paul Scheer (Paul Scheer) Alliance or peeper Twitch only discovered Twitch when he discovered that Twitch had become a pandemic, because he was looking for another place to play and express his creativity in a downturn in the world. He said that he was always looking for his own people. “I made YouTube and it felt like the audience was behind the wall. Then I was doing Instagram, and it felt like shopping. Twitch felt like I was free.”

He initially joined Twitch under his own name and brought his friend, comedian and actor Rob Huebel ( Children’s Hospital with alliance), the two began to make a Twitch version of the stage performance, Crash test.When Scheer began to attract other friends to collaborate, he eventually renamed the channel friend zone, This provides a space for Scheer and his friends across the industry to experiment.

When I talked to him, Scheer excitedly talked about the connection between the audience and the creators on Twitch.He said: “I think people are looking for this connection.” “But I would say that it doesn’t feel compulsive, and I think many social media companies are trying to promote “connect with fans, keep in touch with fans.” Idea, and all these methods are appear You are establishing contact with them, but this is not the case. “

Although Scheer is still working during the pandemic, he does not intend to stop playing the video when his life suddenly returns to a “normal” state. Not only does he see Twitch as a way to open up to new audiences around the world without being restricted by the traditions of the film and television industry, but as he described it, there is a kind of “fun and play” that people may not necessarily Will start from bigger works.

Scheer said: “I think whenever we experience structural trauma, we will walk away, and then walk,’Oh, well, we will keep it now.'” “I think there will be a lot of things that can be taken from the pandemic. Benefit.” He believes that streaming media after the pandemic can increase job opportunities and talents for creatives without having to stop. “We may return to the stage to perform. But that doesn’t mean that people in Minnesota or Australia will be able to watch those shows. So, why not keep doing this? This is just another outlet.”

It is obvious that in difficult times, people still need some form of escapism and connection, which traditional media cannot always provide. Whether the wider entertainment industry will become popular remains to be seen. Scheer explained: “When they realize that they can make money by making money, they start to fart, but the truth is, if you try to make money, I don’t think it will work.”

Robertson (aka Robbotron) pointed out that although Twitch’s “unsung heroes” were people who streamed on the platform many years ago, such as Melanie Clark (Melanie Clark) Hull Iss Milula. She has been streaming for three years and has a strong community and fixed schedule on this platform. During the pandemic, Clark launched a new project called the “Virtual Lunch Club” to remember how to take a lunch break on weekdays from Monday to Friday. She said: “In the beginning, what I needed became my community, and the new people who discovered me used to be an anchor in the days of the lockdown.”


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