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Cases that let people always work from home

Cases that let people always work from home


In 2020, because During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nearly 70% of full-time employees work from home. Many employers who may never consider offering the necessary remote work options. Now, as companies consider their plans to return to China, they will do good for themselves and their employees, and continue to provide remote work arrangements for individuals who prefer them.

A few years ago, I quit my job at the company and stayed at home full-time with my children. I never planned to stay at home as a parent. But my second child was born with multiple disabilities, and as he grew up, his list of doctors and treatment appointments increased. It is difficult for me to manage the needs of my son, and it is difficult for me to keep up with the more than 40 hours I spend in the office every week.

When I resigned, I put aside more than ten years of education and professional experience. Since they were a few months old, I reluctantly withdrew my children from the on-site company daycares they attended. I only focus on my family, and I do not regret it.But remote work arrangements will make it easier for me to support my family with Continue my career.

No commute means happier employees

No matter what kind of work you do or where you live, commuting to the office takes up most of the day. Average commuting time in the U.S. in 2019 27 minutes one way, For a full-time employee, it takes about 200 hours in total each year. In addition to the actual commute, going out at certain times in the morning to avoid traffic can be stressful. Don’t worry about arriving at the office on time or leaving early to assume personal responsibility. Employees are more efficient when working remotely, Reduce sick leave, reduce vacation time.

Working parents also need to consider the childcare location associated with the office. The on-site daycare service provided by my previous employer allows me to quickly find my children when they feel unwell or have problems, but for many people, That’s not an option. Although it is useful to have them close to my office, we often feel pressure when we ride home because my children are tired, hungry, or both (me too.

When children grow up and go to school, remote work arrangements bring parents close to school activities or deliver uncomfortable children.When it is easier for parents to serve their children, they are More capable of focusing on work and maintaining productivity.

Remote work allows people to connect everywhere

Today’s technology makes it easy to work anywhere. Through remote work options, individuals can adapt to important life events, such as attending medical care.When employees have Flexibility in fulfilling personal obligations, They are happier and more productive.

Flexible workplaces are especially useful for parents because they can Spend more time with their children Not those who spend a whole day in the office. They can be used for school drop-offs or pick-ups, or pop-up school performances or sports events.

My son has been hospitalized several times for a long period of time, where I spent a lot of time waiting around. The remote work arrangement allows me the flexibility to be with my son and still keep in touch with my work. When I was in the waiting room or when he was resting, I could have easily processed spreadsheets or returned emails.

Remote work allows us to control the calendar

The remote work option allows me the flexibility to schedule work meetings, tasks and family responsibilities. Even on days when I am not dating, working from home can easily wash clothes or start eating, which will make the transition smoother after my work.


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