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Why is it so difficult to become so evil in video games?

Why is it so difficult to become so evil in video games?


I always I like the idea of ​​choosing my own path in the game. Moral dilemmas make the virtual world more interesting. Sometimes they will change the result and give you a reason to play the game again. But even though I like this idea, I often try to follow this evil route. I will replay the game with the purpose of being bad, but I find myself a good Samaritan again.

I noticed first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. After finishing the “Jedi Knight” game, I want to go back and continue playing “Sith”. But I am always forced to choose the bright side. Obviously, I am not alone. Megan Starks, senior narrative designer at Obsidian Entertainment outside world,tyranny, with Fallout: New VegasSaid that about 97% of players prefer to stay in line with the evil route.

“We can say,’Well, why just take a not-so-ethically good path? This is a lot of time and resources to make choices that most players have never experienced.” But having the right to choose is important in itself,” Starks wrote in an email.

Without choice, things will become boring. It is important to feel that you are directing the event and have a say in the role and whereabouts of the character. This is especially true in open world games with free mobility and plot involved.

Starks said: “The novel imitates life and creates a credible world for the audience to immerse them in. It needs to contain some description of the moral system.” “Because if there is absolutely no error or risk of error, then There will be no conflict. If there is no conflict, there will be no stories that audiences are interested in experiencing.”

Grey area

It used to be so simple.When i think back like Black, white, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, with fable, There is no moral ambiguity. Each action is accompanied by a verdict.For example, in fable, The more atrocities you commit, the greater your fear of those around you. In other games, it will be directly linked to the points system.

Red death salvation Have an honor system, but if you put a turban on your face in an illegal way, you may commit murder, robbery and other evil acts with impunity. In the sequel, whether you cover your face or not, your honor level will change. It has a more obvious impact, changing the way people react to you in the game, the behavior of the central character Arthur Morgan, and the outcome of things.

As the game matures, the moral system becomes more and more complex. Many developers simply don’t give you the option of taking the high road. Sometimes there is too much gray and you cannot see the correct color. It is possible to choose the worst road, not the good road.

“If the choice is always easy, it will become boring, and it will also make us spend a lot of time developing content that no one will encounter,” Starks said. “If we choose’gray shades’ or’good to neutral’ or’low-risk bastards’ to choose, players are more likely to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose more options.”

I spent a long time worrying about whether to connect the only power station to Edgewater or the Botanical Lab located in the U.S. outside worldKnowing that this will condemn the faction I have not chosen. After repeated iterations, I managed to find a compromise that satisfied both parties and convinced the leaders of Edgewater to leave. But the depth of this choice is rare.

Moral choice

Although Obsidian’s data may indicate that its players often choose the right path, it does not mean that all players usually stand on the right.A Baylor University study looked at how people treat Moral choice in video games And focus on the following three situations:


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