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How to take beautiful and professional avatars with mobile phones

How to take beautiful and professional avatars with mobile phones


Style is a highly personal thing, but if your goal is to create a universal avatar that won’t appear next year, stick to something timeless, such as Silva’s solid color pocket T. Dörr, who likes classic and timeless clothing, also agrees. “Keep it simple,” she said.

Check camera settings

Before you start shooting, please choose the highest possible image quality. When you have to crop and edit, it will provide you with more details and flexibility.Some smartphones include RAW format settings, Which results in a large number of uncompressed files. Photographers like to do this because it gives them more control over the final image. The disadvantage is that RAW images require more editing. If you are satisfied with post-processing (including how to export images as JPEG), then RAW files are your best choice.

If you set the manual white balance setting on the camera, please check the white object in the viewfinder before making adjustments. They may look too hot or too cold, which can also affect the skin tone.

Use a tripod

You can take a snapshot by holding the phone in a self-portrait mode, but for a self-portrait, you can get better results without having to do it. A monopod (also known as a selfie stick) allows you to pull the camera farther, while keeping your arms closer to your body. The best option is a tripod or photo stand, although Silva uses a water bottle to support the phone on the window sill, or place it in the corner of a tree. Larrow’s tripod cracking method is to place the phone on a pile of books on the table, making sure that the phone is at a 90-degree angle and roughly at eye level. He said: “Turning the camera too low will make you look really big, and turning the camera too high will feel like 2004 Myspace.” “This is just a strange point.”

If you don’t have a tripod, ask someone else to hold the camera to shoot, but be clear about what you want in the frame. It is also smart to mark your location with tape so that when you try different locations, you will always be centered.

Another hot tip: the outward-facing camera on your phone is better than the inward-facing selfie camera, so use it instead. If that makes you nervous, Larrow recommends taking a few photos in selfie mode until you are satisfied with it. Then flip the camera.

Set a timer and take pictures “continuous shooting”

Take advantage of the countdown timer on your phone and the “continuous shooting” function for continuous shooting, so you don’t need to go back and forth to the camera multiple times. If you have an iPhone and Apple Watch, you can use the watch to trigger the camera remotely. On many Android phones, you can use gestures or voice commands to activate the timer.

Come into your field of vision

“photography Yes Dörr said that he recommends that you observe the light in the environment at different times of the day and seasons to recognize the differences in your favorite places. One way to check how your skin looks in a specific light is to photograph your hand and look at the details. Dörr also recommends that you have light in your eyes. She said it felt good.

Silva uses natural light for this purpose. If the sun was peeking through the blinds when he was making a self-portrait, he said: “I will always make sure that the light is touching the color of my eyes.”

If you want to take a selfie indoors, be about 3 feet away from the background, face the window, and place the camera between the window and yourself. Larrow says that you need a lot of soft light to make it evenly wrap around your face without leaving harsh shadows. Photographers have a soft spot for early morning light (bluer) and evening light (more golden), but either way, you want to make sure that your face has enough light. If the sun is too strong, Mew likes to use blinds or tulle or any other transparent fabric to scatter the light.


Usually, the headshots are not very cute. Try the following: stand or sit on a stool, instead of directly taking a photo, point the camera at your shoulder and tilt your face toward it. And don’t broadcast too close. Lalo said that if the shoulder is cut, it doesn’t seem to fit the frame. Find out which side you prefer. If your hair is separated, move to the side where you can see more of your face.


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