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How nasty superhero fans revive a failed comic hoax

How nasty superhero fans revive a failed comic hoax


Over the next ten years, the Graeb and Wizard team introduced countless innovations to revitalize this dying Comic Con, focusing on the various fan communities and ways to absorb their interests. Thanks to this magazine, Wizard’s team has established contacts with toy manufacturers, video game producers, movie studios and marketers. Suddenly, Gareb merged the world and brought the charm and high production value of the entertainment industry into this previously humble meeting. They produced professional celebrity photo works and met, said hello, activated video games, promoted movies and marketing pop-ups. Suddenly, fans became part of the action: they could meet their heroes and compete for the best costumes. They made friends and played table games in the dedicated gaming area to earn identities or make friends. With every innovation, larger groups flood in and more communities connect with each other. Galleb’s convention was called the “Witcher World Comics Exhibition”, and the event expanded from thousands to more than 50,000 in one weekend. The original beautifying flea market began to become a central hub for fans and enthusiasts to gather and connect. Over time, they expanded their scale and held events in more than 16 cities each year. At the same time, the magazine provides fans with industry news related to TV, movies, video games, comics, toys, events and even role-playing throughout the year.

Note that Gareb didn’t invent comic fans-fans were there even before he was born. On the contrary, he provided them with a meeting place where they could express their views freely. Members of these subcultures can share emotional connections. If you are a fan of comics, shows or story franchises, then you will discover the myths and history associated with them. All “Star Wars” fans know the troops, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, and any Spider-Man fan knows that Peter Parker deeply regrets that he did not stop the criminals who killed Uncle Berne, but had powerful powers. Also shoulders a huge responsibility. Of course, every Harry Potter fan knows Lord Voldemort. Guide Magazine and later Gareb’s Comic-Cons provided a place for all these fans to connect with their favorite history and myths. Today, this myth has redefined the entertainment industry, and every major blockbuster comes from one of these storylines, but almost never happened.

Even with an increase in the community and a sense of belonging among supporters, the comic book industry was still in a downturn in the late 1990s. People buy fewer comics, and sales of toys have fallen. Marvel was forced to submit a Chapter 11 law, and in 2000, the company hired a new president to reverse the situation. Before the new president took office, he knew he needed to learn as much as possible about the state of the industry. He knew that his old friend Gareb might have some ideas to help Marvel’s future. Although most people in the industry sit in the office writing, drawing or managing, Gareb has unique insights. He not only establishes connections with people in all related industries, but also interacts with the fan community through meetings and magazines every day, and he understands the complexity of subcultures. When they spoke, Gareb joked: “After years of writing, the stories in comic books have aged so much that the next issue of “Spiderman” will be Peter Parker and the prostate cancer exam. The fact is. Many of Marvel’s characters no longer have contemporary or social significance. If the company wants to connect with new fans, it needs to reshape the characters, and Gareb suggests that they start with Spider-Man.


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