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A top restaurant in New York is doing vegetarian food.May backfire

A top restaurant in New York is doing vegetarian food.May backfire


The egg is so long Benedict’s st roe, lavender and honey roast duck, and butter-boiled lobster tail. Last week, Edward Madison Park was one of the most high-end and meaty restaurants in New York City (and the world). Announce Except for milk and honey, as well as coffee and tea, it is all vegan.

The news surprised the culinary world, but 11 Madison Park was not the first high-end restaurant to stop serving animal products. This is the latest trend for food agencies to draw sharp lines on the sand of meat consumption. Just last month, Michelin-star French chef Alexis Gauthier changed his restaurant Gauthier Soho in London. Completely vegan “I am a vegetarian; profiting from selling dead animals is immoral to me.” Hospitality. Daniel Humm, owner and chef of the Eleven Madison Park Hotel, mentioned environmental issues: “The way we buy food, the way we eat it, the way we eat meat, is not sustainable. ,” he told NPR’s Guy Raz Latest episodes of How i built podcast. “That’s not an opinion. This is just a fact. Therefore, we decided that our restaurant will be 100% plant-based.”

Chefs such as Gauthier and Humm are on the right side of history. The global meat industry has accelerated climate change, condemning billions of animals being treated badly on factory farms, and putting workers in meat packaging factories in an exceptionally cruel working environment. But even so, I hope they have considered a change in these plans: just reducing meat consumption, rather than giving up meat altogether. It may seem counterintuitive, but gradually introducing omnivorous customers to plant-based catering, such as 80% to 90% of plant-based menus, will have a similar impact on the planet and will not become a binary choice for consumers . This change in perception can reduce the polarization between vegetarians and ultimately lead to more people eating less meat.

As a liberal, I mainly eat plant-based foods, but occasionally some animal products. Considering the severe conditions of our industrialized agricultural system, I think the vegan world (or the vegetarian world where we eat greatly reduced animal products) will be the best choice. However, I am also very realistic about how difficult it is for everyone (not to mention the entire culture) to reduce animal products.Environmentalists and animal advocates have tried for decades and still Just a little part The industrialized world is vegan or vegetarian.Right now, the average American diet is about 225 pounds Meat every year.The number is slowly increasing, even though The popularity of plant-based meat continues to increase. This is not surprising. Meat is cheap, delicious, convenient, and associated with culturally significant moments such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For some people, a vegan meal is not attractive at all.

To be clear, I think Madison Park and similar institutions play an important role in plant-based diets, which is good, and bold moves are necessary to draw attention to the urgency of reducing meat consumption. Sex. In addition, it will showcase delicious vegan food. Since Madison Park is a sign of cooking, other restaurants and institutions may follow suit.

However, if this transition is not too drastic, other restaurants seem to be more likely to follow the practice of Eleven Madison Park.Industry professionals may be wary. Many diners still believe that vegan food and vegan restaurants are only suitable for vegan food, even Humm himself Say“Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night thinking about the risks we have to take.” This fear is not unfounded.Have No shortage Among people who think vegan food is boring and boring, research shows Vegetarianism is severely stigmatized. Unless dragged by friends or family, many omnivores will not go to vegetarian restaurants at all.However, if the vegan label and stigma Being taken away, diners know that they can eat what they want, and they are more likely to eat it themselves. Once they attract their customers, they will come back-maybe they will try something new (meatless). Although there is no doubt that Humm will attract many non-vegans because of his reputation and status, he may still lose some customers and affect other restaurants as a result.


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