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Best rugged French printing press (2021): Bodum, Stanley and Espro

Best rugged French printing press (2021): Bodum, Stanley and Espro


For something completely different, I tried Espero P7, Using these two fine filters, you can produce unexpectedly transparent cups with even less fines. It’s like a coffee pot coffee, where people are somehow forced to only make French newspapers, or campers are too far away from the socket to plug in Mr. Coffee. This “clean cup” is not a bad thing, but it is definitely different, and maybe not exactly what French media enthusiasts (including myself) want from the media tank. Espro’s double interlocking basket still needs cleaning, but I think you are used to it.

For another outlier, I tried BruTrek 32 and 48 Designed by Planetary Designs. Although the lovely blue attracted me, I still struggled with their designs and wanted to like them more than I did. The lid plug makes BruTrek feel a bit like a straw cup, and you need to tighten the lid before pressing down the plunger. Moreover, because the bottom corners are rounded, the feet are not completely firm.

I did find that its reputation is an interesting idea: the disc on the metal plate above the filter turns it into a one-way valve; once the plunger is pressed, the brewed coffee will not flow to the ground and become bitter. , In theory, you can keep the coffee in it for a longer time without becoming miserable. (The company calls this feature “Bru-Stop”.) Even for me, a connoisseur of such a small cup, it’s a bit much because the filter allows a lot of fines to pass. This is especially strange, because the ultra-fine powder in the coffee seems to counteract the effect of the skin flap. In my book, the biggest flaw is that BruTrek is not dishwasher safe. It’s no big deal when camping, but it’s a good deal at home.

In the end, there was a prototype of the “Hulk”, and it struggled. The biggest problem is the hairline cracks I found after putting it in the dishwasher. When I took the dishwasher out of the dishwasher, I heard water shaking in the space between the inner and outer walls. I found that the only effective way to get rid of water is to fill the brewing chamber with hot water, thereby heating the air in the space between the walls and causing water to spray out of the cracks in the bottom corners. In addition, the lid is difficult to scratch off the rest of the boat, which is not what you want when dealing with hot and humid ground.

At this point, I have done it. I filled all five presses with boiling water, closed the lids and set a one-hour timer. When I lifted the lid, they all emitted at least enough heat to make the steam escape from the top. The lowest temperature of Bodum is 156 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s a bit loose! This is half of the game, and I feel very protective when I explain it. The Hulk and Espero entered the game at exactly 160 degrees and 165 degrees respectively; Stanley Stay Hot maintained an incredible 175 degrees high. At 185 degrees, this is the moment when BruTrek shines. If you don’t plan to put it in a thermos after brewing your coffee, and the hottest coffee for the longest time is your top priority, then this may be your best choice.

Stanley’s coffee appliance line also includes insulated travel mugs.

Photo: Stanley

Ground control

After all the indoor tests, I was very happy to find that although there are some nits to choose from and style changes, all the machines seem to be able to make a good sip of coffee.So at this point, I brought some from Olympia Coffee Take some social distancing tests.


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