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Pfizer’s FDA requirements, vaccine diplomacy and more coronavirus news

Pfizer’s FDA requirements, vaccine diplomacy and more coronavirus news


Pfizer seeks comprehensive The FDA approves, the United States supports the abandonment of IP protection for vaccines, and the Indian people strive to obtain the assistance they need. This is what you should know:

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Pfizer and BioNTech require the FDA to fully approve their adult injections and emergency adolescents

This morning, Pfizer and BioNTech Requires full FDA approval Their Covid-19 vaccine is suitable for Americans 16 years and older. After obtaining safety and effectiveness data for two months, the agency granted emergency use authorization for the lens in December. Full approval requires six months of data. The FDA is expected to spend several weeks reviewing the application.Although statistics on this vaccine and other vaccines may cause confusion, in the end Numbers tell a story: These lenses are very effective, and they will pave the way to get rid of this epidemic.

In addition, the FDA is preparing to authorize Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccines for use in adolescents 12 to 15 years old In the next few days, the drug maker said it would apply for an emergency authorization for children 2 to 11 years old In September.

Biden government supports abandoning IP protection against Covid-19 vaccine

The Biden administration issued a statement on Wednesday that it will support Give up intellectual property protection Provide a vaccine for the Covid-19 vaccine to make it easier for countries struggling with the pandemic and vaccine launch to produce injections provided by other drugmakers.So far, this suggestion has caused different reactions, including Commendation from WHO And the opposition of the pharmaceutical industry.The European Union also stated May not support proposal.Moreover, experts pointed out Maybe a long time Before this becomes a policy, if it can do so far.

At the same time, other attempts at vaccine diplomacy are ongoing. Moderna and Sweden Donated photos to Covax Earlier this week.WHO just Obtain an emergency use permit The vaccine was injected from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, and the injection was also included in the Covax plan.

As the country continues to break records, the dispatch of emergency supplies to India has been delayed

India Break the global record Once again on Friday, 414,188 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours. In the context of a sharp increase, countries around the world have stepped up their assistance to the country, and only before last Sunday, about 300 tons of materials had arrived at Delhi International Airport. However, it is reported that most of the assistance stalled after arriving at the airport, and some state officials said it is not yet clear when and how their area will receive assistance. Urgently needed supplies.

Indian cities have been hit hard, Insufficient public health services in rural areasNearly 70% of the country’s population lives in most of the country.Without the necessary support from the government, many people in India Turn to Twitter Seek help, expand the needs of others, and provide support where possible.

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